Past Projects

Some of the projects we have done for our clients



Welcome to METAMOON LAUNCH CLUB! Partnering with Matthew Kingsborough, we've crafted 10,000 unique Moonie NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. Mint a Moonie for exclusive digital art and entry to our vibrant community. As membership grows, enjoy giveaways, exclusive events, and a say in future ventures.

Metamoon Launch Club Website screenshot


NotTeddyRuxpin NFT Collection: Spreading Love, Making a Difference

As the creator of the impactful #NotTeddyRuxpin NFT collection for Natasha Bourdon, I'm proud to share our vision. We crafted a project focused on spreading love, kindness, and making a real difference in the world.

NotTeddyRuxpin Website Screenshot

Tattle Labs

Tattle Labs NFT Project: Crafting Success for the Community

Proudly crafted Tattle Labs NFT project for Ago, ensuring community success. Delivered excellence, fulfilled every request—ready for future collaborations!

Tattle labs website screenshot

The Hangry Hippo Dinner Party

The Hangry Hippo Dinner Party

Proudly collaborated with Brandon on The Hangry Hippo Dinner Party. Crafting 10,000 unique NFTs for a cause—protecting endangered species and combating world hunger. Client-approved excellence!

The Hangry Hippo Dinner Party Website Screenshot

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